Joost Buitink


Leirhnjúkur, Iceland

J. (Joost) Buitink (MSc.) is a hydrologist with expertise in rainfall-runoff modelling, programming and GIS. Joost received his Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences from the VU Amsterdam. During his bachelor, he specialized in physical geography with a focus on hydrology. For his bachelor thesis, he collected rainfall data in the Kennemerduinen, Netherlands. The focus of this study was mainly on the impact of anthropogenic intervention on the water quality. During his master, he gained experience with hydrological modelling and programming. For example: during his master thesis, he critically analyzed the Spatially Processes in HYdrology (SPHY) model, which is developed by FutureWater. During his internship at FutureWater – partially in Spain and partially in the Netherlands – he tested and improved the Water and Climate Adaptation Model (WatCAM), also developed at FutureWater.