Marjolein Vogels


Kids in Ethiopia get very excited from river discharge measurements.

M.F.A. (Marjolein) Vogels (MSc.) is a physical geographer with a background in hydrology and remote sensing. She received her Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences and her Master degree in Earth, Surface and Water both from Utrecht University. During her master, she gained experience in several fields. In Canada she examined the effects of mining on fine sediment geochemistry of floodplains. Through a KNAW-funded project she assessed the use of remote sensing to combat bubonic plague spread by Gerbils in Kazakhstan. During her internship at Deltares she was involved in a project about an integrated approach in managing salt-water intrusion in Bangladesh in which she built a variable-density flow model of its coastal zone using SEAWAT. Currently she is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University, focusing on food- and water availability in data-poor regions. Within this research high-resolution satellite imagery and object‐based image analysis is used to extract information on land use as input for hydrological models for the assessment and optimization of food and water in data-poor regions.