Water for Food

About 4000 liters of water per person a day is needed to produce our food. It is therefore not surprising that population growth, increasing prosperity for some and climate change will result in an increasingly water-short world.

The challenge

As the amount of food needed to feed the world increases the pressure on already scarce water supplies grows stronger. Even regions that appear rich in water resources today will in the future face periods of water shortages for agriculture. Drivers behind this process are the expansion of (irrigated) arable land, water demand from other sectors and climate change. FutureWater can help by finding practical solutions to the challenge of using exisiting water supplies wisely.

The approach

FutureWater investigates how our scarce water resources can be used in the most efficient and productive manner to ensure food security at present and in the future. Our approach is to study the balance between water demand and supply at different spatial scales from river basin to field level and to suggest courses of action which will lead to better use of existing water resources.

The following projects highlight our approach: