Reinier Koster

Reinier Koster is a hydrologist with nearly 4 years of experience in surface water and geohydrology. Countries of work experience include The Netherlands, Ghana and Egypt. Reinier has advanced skills in hydraulic and hydrological modeling and GIS analysis using a variety of tools (e.g. Sobek2 (1D, 1D-2D), Sobek3, iMOD, Groundwater Vistas, ArcGIS, R, Python). Reinier is currently a consultant / researcher Hydrology at the FutureWater office in Wageningen.

    Selected publications

    • 2019 - FutureWater Report 193Koster, R., P. Droogers. 2019. Haalbaarheid van 'small-hydro climate risk assessment tool'. FutureWater Report 193.X

      Haalbaarheid van ‘small-hydro climate risk assessment tool’

      Koster, R., P. Droogers