Hydroinformative products aim at integrating data from different sources in decision supporting information products. FutureWater integrates Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing data, output from simulation models and other data in information and communication applications that can be used for decision support at various levels, ranging from small-scale operational services to large river basin scale strategic decision support tools.

The abundance of climatological, hydrological, and remote sensing data in the public domain nowadays calls for superior data analysis, data handling, data management and data integration methodologies to translate scientific data to knowledge products that are informative, intuitive, understandable and supportive in decision making. FutureWater knows what data is available, how to access it, and how to translate data into useful integrated products. We can combine data with objective-specific hydrological simulation models in hydroinformative products. Developing simulation models, visualizing spatial information and analysis results are among our key expertises. We are specialized in visualizing and converting complex results of numerical models to comprehensible information for policy makers.