WaterMaps is an application aimed at presenting the hydrological results of current and completed projects through a web-based GIS environment. The interface has been developed to give anyone with access to internet the possibility to explore water-related model results on the web. WaterMaps is a visualization tool that makes it possible to set up with small effort a project-dedicated page of spatial and time variable results from hydrological models.

Current projects

Moisture Monitor for the Netherlands

FutureWater has developed the Spatial Processes in HYdrology (SPHY) model (Terink et al., 2014). This model simulates the soil moisture in the rootzone and the actual evapotranspiration. The moisture monitor visualizes these results into a soil moisture fraction and evapotranspiration fraction.


Climate adaptation Colombia. A tipping-point analysis

Historical climate for the Magdalene River Basin, Colombia.

Rainwater Harvesting Potential in Mali, Senegal & Burkina Faso

Completed projects

Irrigation Potential of seven Nile countries

Assessment of the irrigation potential of seven Nile countries (Burundi, Eastern DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda) in order to fill gaps in the NBI and member country information bases on agricultural water use.

Green Water Credits – Biophyiscal assessment using SWAT

The quantified impacts of Green Water Credits practices on the sediment and green and blue water flows in the Upper Tana basin, Kenya.


Effects of climate change on the Baltoro glacier system

See how climate change will affect the progression of one of the glaciers in the Baltoro system of the Himalayas.


Please feel free to contact the project leader for more information on WaterMaps.