Background of the project WatManSup

The challenge to manage our water resources in a sustainable and appropriate manner is growing. Water related disasters are not accepted anymore and societies expect more and more that water is always available at the right moment and at the desired quantity and quality.

Current water management practices are still focused on reacting to events occurred in the past: the re-active approach. At many international high level ministerial and scientific meetings a call for more strategic oriented water management, the pro-active approach, has been advocated. Despite these calls such a pro-active approach is hardly adopted by water managers and policy makers.

Water managers and decisions makers are aware about the necessity of this paradigm shift: from a re-active towards a pro-active approach, but are confronted with the lack of appropriate methodologies.

To be prepared for the paradigm shift Integrated Water Management Support Methodologies (IWMSM) are needed that go beyond the traditional operational support tools. Note that these IWMSM are more than only tools, but include conceptual issues, theories, combining technical and socio-economic aspects.

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