A unique consortium has been setup on the request of two countries, Turkey en Kenya, to develop Integrated Water Management Support Methodologies to assist these countries in their water resources strategic planning. From the requesting countries the two partners per country represent: (i) water managers, and (ii) water advisors. The consortium is unique in the sense that the Dutch partners represent: (i) private sector, (ii) university, and (iii) public entity.

Dutch project partners


FutureWater is a research and consulting organization that works throughout the world to combine scientific research with practical solutions for water management. FutureWater works at both global and national levels with partners on projects addressing water for food, water excess, water shortage, climate change, river basin management, and irrigation. FutureWater's key expertise lies in the areas of quantitative methods, often based on simulation models, geographic information systems and satellite observations. FutureWater was established in 2002 and has currently four staff members. Details can be obtained at FutureWater.

Institute for Environmental Studies, Free University Amsterdam (IVM)

The Institute for Environmental Studies (Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken, IVM) is the oldest environmental research institute in The Netherlands. Since its creation in 1971, IVM has built up considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of environmental problems. Its purpose is to contribute to sustainable development and the rehabilitation and preservation of the environment through academic research and training. The institute has repeatedly been evaluated as the best Dutch research group in this field. IVM's research community of about 100 scientists and support staff addresses challenging environmental problems and offers both pragmatic and innovative solutions. Since 2001 IVM has been a part of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the Free University Amsterdam. Details can be obtained at IVM.

Waterboard (waterschap) Hunze en Aa's

Waterboard Hunze en Aa's is responsible to ensure a safe environment regarding water management for the north-eastern part of The Netherlands. Waterboard Hunze en Aa's is the operational water manager for the area and at the same time responsible for strategic water decisions. The management area is 213,000 ha and is home for 420,000 inhabitants. Currently, Waterboard Hunze en Aa's is evaluating its long-term strategic mission including preparation for climate change. Details can be obtained at Hunze en Aa's.

Counterparts Turkey

Soil and Water Resources Research Institute

The Soil and Water Resources Research Institute is located in Menemen and is the principal research center regarding water and agriculture. The institute's mandate is to improve the use of soil and water sources of region, to demonstrate modern irrigation and agricultural techniques, and to supply data and information for investment projects. The Institute works in 7 provinces including Izmir, Manisa, Aydin, Denizli, Mugla, Balikesir and Canakkale.


SUMER is the Hydrology and Water Resources Division, of Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. The center carries out multidisciplinary advisory services for effective management of water resources. The working groups include education, research, and project activities devoted specifically to water resources planning and management, water pollution control, erosion control, hydrologic modeling and simulation, and environmental data management. SUMER is advising governmental organizations in Turkey regarding water management issues and receive funding from TUBITAK (Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) for a number of major projects.


EA-TEK is a research institute located in Izmir. The basic objective of EA-TEK is to carry out multidisciplinary scientific and technological research and applications for sustainable management of natural resources, including the environment in general and water and land resources in particular.

Counterparts Kenya

SASOL Foundation

The Sahelian Solutions Foundation Kenya (SASOL) was established to render social, technical and financial assistance for the development of arid and semi-arid regions. SASOL is a Kenya based NGO with special emphasis on water, land, shelter, health, education and employment. One of SASOL's most important activities is in the Kitui area to help communities to build 400 dams - the highest concentration of sand dams in the world. This dense construction regenerates ephemeral (seasonal) rivers that now flow all year long. SASOL is geared towards a successful implementation of the project through there extensive contacts at various stakeholder levels in the region.

University of Nairobi

University of Nairobi (UoN) is a world-class African University and a community of scholars committed to the promotion of academic achievement and excellence in research as an embodiment of the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community. The Department of Geology has a special focus on hydro-geology. Selection of locations for dam development to store water is one of the main interests in the hydro-geology section.


Dr. P. Droogers (FutureWater)

A. van Loon (FutureWater)

Dr. J. Aerts (IVM)

R. Lasage (IVM)

J. den Besten (Hunze en Aa's)

Y. Kayam (Soil and Water Resources Research Institute)

Prof. N. Harmancioghi (SUMER)

Prof. E. Odada (UoN)

Dr. G. Mutiso (SASOL)

IVM Hunze en Aa's