Project:BRIGAID: BRIdges the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience
Client:European Commision
Program:H2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Partners:TUDelft (Coordinator), HKV Consultants, KU Leuven, Ecologic Institute, Icatalist, and 18 other European partners
Objective:To provide structural, ongoing support for innovations in climate adaptation by developing an innovative mix of testing and implementatin methods, and market and investment/financing tools, that should become a standard for climate adaptation innovations.

Recent studies from the IPCC indicate that Europe is particularly prone to increased risks of river and coastal floods, droughts resulting in water restrictions and damages from extreme weather such as heat events and wildfires. Evaluations also show a huge potential to reduce these risks with novel adaptation strategies. Researchers, innovators and incubators develop innovative products and services to reduce the increased climate change risks. Many of these innovations however hardly arrive at the markets. BRIGAID BRIdges the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience.

The BRIGAID’s initiative is supported by three pillars:

  1. BRIGAID takes into account the geographical variability of climate-related hazards and their interaction with socio-economic changes,
  2. BRIGAID establishes structural, on-going support for innovations that are ready for validation in field tests and real life demonstrations and
  3. BRIGAID develops a framework that enables an independent, scientific judgement of the socio-technological effectiveness of an innovation.
BRIGAID’s conceptual approach

Particularly, this project (a) brings actively together innovators and end-users in Communities of Innovation, resulting in increased opportunities for market-uptake; (b) contributes to the development of a technological and performance standards for adaptation options by providing a Test and Implementation Framework (TIF) and test facilities throughout Europe; (c) Improves innovation capacity and the integration of new knowledge by establishing an innovators network and (d) strengthens the competitiveness and growth of companies with the support of a dedicated business team. Finally BRIGAID aims to develop business models and market outreach to launch innovations to the market and secure investments in innovations beyond BRIGAID’s lifetime.

In the frame of BRIGAID, FutureWater will contribute in two ways. Firstly, leading the coordination of the Work Package on Droughts which is aimed to make an intensive stocktaking, testing, and business development process for at least 30 drought solutions.  Secondly, playing an active role as an innovator agent with the inclusion of two particular solutions: a) The Infosequia drought operational platform for the surveillance and integral management of droughts, and b) the use of flying sensors as important tools to detect drought-related impacts on crops, and to support precision agriculture and smart farming.

Project presentation