Towards a more sustainable future for our water resources

Welcome to FutureWater, a global research and consulting organization dedicated to combining scientific research with practical solutions for water management. Our work spans across global, national, and local levels, partnering on projects that address crucial issues such as water for food, irrigation, water excess and shortage, climate change impacts, and comprehensive river basin management.

At the heart of FutureWater lies our key expertise in quantitative methods. We specialize in advanced simulation models, geographic information systems, and satellite observations, providing insights into complex water management challenges. Our diverse range of clients and collaborators includes the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), various national and local governments, river basin organizations, science foundations, universities, and research organizations.

Beyond client-driven research and consultancy, FutureWater is committed to initiating and leading state-of-the-art scientific and applied research projects. Our proactive approach leverages sophisticated modeling techniques to explore and address a myriad of water management issues, always with an eye on future possibilities and advancements.

With our main offices located in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and Cartagena, Spain, FutureWater maintains a strong international presence. To support our substantial activities in specific regions, we have established satellite offices in London (UK), Maputo (Mozambique), Meru (Kenya), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia). This global network enables us to effectively address local water management needs while drawing on international expertise and experience.

We are working to create sustainable and effective solutions for water management around the world!

Our expertise