FutureWater has built a SWAT model for the Hai basin in China. The Bohai Sea, located in the northwest corner of the Yellow Sea, is one of the worldís most ecologically important and stressed bodies of water. The Bohai Sea suffers ecologically from over-fishing, pollution, and reduced inflow of freshwater from upstream basins.

The Hai Basin is one of the seven basins that drain into the Bohai Sea. At basin scale valuable conclusions are drawn about the partitioning of water into the different compartments of the water balance and the assessment of the effects of anthropogenic interventions. This model is set-up using global datasets and further fine tuning of the model will be done in the future through incorporating regional available datasets. The main objective of the study was to show the strength of hydrological modelling in water system analysis in the Hai Basin and to explore future options for reducing evapotranspiration and enhancing streamflow.

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