SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute) and ASARECA (Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa) organized a Joint Learning Platform and Profession Development Workshop in Entebbe, Uganda. The theme of the workshop was on the “Green Water Paradigm”. Peter Droogers from FutureWater contributed to this workshop by providing specific training on tools, such as modeling, Remote Sensing and decision support systems, that will lead to improved green water management.

Green water, as opposed to blue water, refers to the invisible water flows that will never reach any river or stream. Green water is the water that enters the soil by precipitation and, without leaving the soil, evaporates directly back into the atmosphere. This green water is of paramount importance as it represents more than sixty percent of total rainfall and many farmers depend on green water solely to produce food.

The training workshop was visited by about 30 policy makers, researchers and water managers from Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.