Last month a workshop took place on the analysis tools for pilot operation of Green Water Credits in Kenya. The event was the start of several other collaborative and training activities. FutureWater organized the workshop for the local authorities in the Tana basin. The principles of the financial mechanism were discussed and the quantitative tools and methods developed by FutureWater were handed over and instructed to the local water managers. These tools allow evaluating the effectiveness of the different Green Water Credits soil and water management options and assessing the upstream and downstream interactions in the basin. This will lead to the identification of target areas where green water management produces a more reliable source of blue water and a reduction in erosion. This way, the implementation can be covered by the additional water revenues and extension of the life of reservoirs.

Dr. Peter Droogers gives a lecture on the principles of Green Water Credits

The training workshop was received very well by the participants and the combination of improving technical skills and conceptual aspects was highly appreciated. In terms of following up it was emphasized that the staff will continue to enhance their technical skills in using the GWC analysis tools while simultaneously convey the message of the GWC concepts to a broader audience.

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