FutureWater organized a course for water professionals giving an overview of the state of the art modeling techniques and hands-on training for specific public domain models. Participants were coming from both developed as developing countries, working in the public or private sector on water management and interested in the use of these tools decision making.

Various guest lectures were given during the course, by professors from the university of Wageningen, Delft and Utrecht, as Wim Bastiaansen and Marc Bierkens. Topics of these lectures were the use of global datasets and remote sensing techniques to feed these models and the application in data scarce areas, and others. Other more technical lectures on modeling techniques and the hands-on training were provided by FutureWater staff that has multiple years of professional modeling experiences world-wide.

Course participants during excursion to barrage of Driel

Click for more info about the course Application of Public Domain Models for Water, Food and Climate Studies” or check the brochure [pdf] .