A new FutureWater office was opened in Spain in February 2012. It was launched together with several researchers from the Technical University of Cartagena. After several months of preparation, this FutureWater branch was set up very recently, with both Dutch and Spanish participation. The office will be in the city of Cartagena, in the Murcia Region, the south-eastern and Mediterranean part of Spain.

The new branch combines both Dutch and Spanish expertise on agricultural water management, integrated watershed management and drought and water scarcity issues. On one hand, by this initiative FutureWater will expand its reach to the Mediterranean basin, contributing its broad experience on strategic and quantitative water management studies. On the other hand, the FutureWater know-how will be enhanced by the involvement of experts with a long track-record on issues related to water scarcity in semi-arid regions and connected to the Agronomy and to the Civil Engineering departments of Cartagena University.

More information will be made available on the Spanish activities and specific expertise, through our Spanish website. For more info, email to Johannes Hunink: j.hunink@futurewater.nl