FutureWater just started a study on the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall in the catchments of a province in Ecuador. In this area there are currently large data gaps and no detailed information exists on the principal component of the water balance. Besides, especially in the high mountain areas (moorland) there are hardly any observations and no well-established observation network exists.

To generate reliable time series with sufficient spatial detail, an innovative technique will be used that combines multiple satellite products (TRMM, SPOT) with existing observations of precipitation. A state-of-the-art algorithm will be employed to obtain time series of each of the sub-basins of the province of Tungurahua.

The Water Resources Management and Planning Program of Tungurahua (PACT) began implementing several actions to modernize the agricultural activities in the area and prepare several areas for irrigation. This analysis should help to design appropriate strategies for the agricultural water management in the area.

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