FutureWater will participate in a mission to the Central Asian region for the Regional Energy Sector Vulnerability study currently being carried out. These efforts should convey to decision-makers in the region the findings of the study and explain the benefits of implementing priority actions and adaptation measures. The goal is to assist the World Bank team in conducting a constructive dialogue with regional stakeholders that makes progress toward a regional adaptation action plan.

FutureWater plays a key role in completing a risk assessment that builds on FutureWater tools, projecting river runoff under different climate scenarios. The work incorporates a two pronged modeling framework to identify robust energy sector adaptation options and to analyze the long-term net benefits of investments in the water sector on a regional basis. Investments in the water sector may include new reservoirs, hydropower capacity expansions, irrigation efficiency improvements, or modifications to the distribution of irrigated crops.

The mission takes place from the 10th untill the 22nd of November and will include meetings and workshops with key stakeholders and decision makers in Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakshstan.

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