The SSHE-16_240xcontribution “Spectral and physiological responses of Citrus irrigated with saline reclaimed water combined with deficit irrigation strategies” was recently awarded as the best submission in the “Precision Agriculture” thematic panel of the 2nd Spanish Symposium of Horticultural Engineering held in Almeria between 12-16 February. The contribution was led by Cristina Romero and is the result of a collaboration between the Spanish National Research Council (CEBAS-CSIC) and FutureWater.

FutureWater, with its partner HiView, contributed to the experiment through a flying sensor campaign which took place in Campotejar (Murcia) in July, 2015. Hyperspatial maps with reflectivities from different spectral channels (red, infrared) and vegetation greenness were retrieved at two commercial farms with mandarins and grapefruits in order to evaluate the impact of using reclaimed waters and deficit irrigation techniques on the overall vegetation health.