FutureWater is proud to have participated in the 67th ACODAL Water, Waste, and Energy Congress & Exhibition held in Cartagena, Colombia. Alongside esteemed Dutch organizations, we showcased innovative water management solutions and engaged in knowledge exchange initiatives. Our collaborative efforts, particularly within the HERMANA Project, highlighted our commitment to addressing Colombia’s water challenges. This event was a significant opportunity to strengthen ties and explore new partnerships, reaffirming our dedication to sustainable water management practices globally.


HERMANA, an abbreviation for HERramienta para el MANejo integral del Agua (meaning “sister” in Spanish), is based on real-time decision support tools used by the Dutch Water Authorities. At CVC, it has been tailor-made by experts in surface water, groundwater, decision support systems, water management, and governance from both the Netherlands and Colombia. We appreciate the support and cooperation of the Technical Directorate of Environment from CVC and other participating Directorates.

Financial Support and Collaboration

This work was financially supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) through a “Partners for Water” grant, the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Valle del Cauca (CVC), and in-kind contributions from Deltares, HydroLogic, FutureWater, and the Dutch Water Authorities. The operational testing and implementation of InfoSequía into HERMANA has been partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 700699.

For more information, visit Netherlands Water Partnership.