News in 2008

Supporting the Nile Basin Initiative in several projects

Since the end of 2008 FutureWater has executed several project for the Nile Basin Initiative. A training program was organized dealing with remote sensing and modelling and the irrigation potential of several areas around Lake Victoria was assessed. More details can be found at: Irrigation Potential Lake Victoria, Tanzania Training on RS-GIS-Models

Drought assessment using new climate scenarios in the North of the Netherlands

In 2006 the Dutch meteorological service has updated the climate change scenarios for the Netherlands. FutureWater has made an update of a drought assessment in the area of waterboard “Hunze en Aa” using these scenarios. Major conclusion of the study is that the drought effects on agriculture are much more severe than for the old…

FutureWater participates in EU funded research in Tibet

FutureWater is a partner in an international cooperation project between Europe and Asia to improve knowledge on hydrology and meteorology of the Tibetan Plateau and its role in climate, monsoon and extreme meteorological events.The effort of this project builds upon 10 years of experimental and modeling research and the consortium includes 17 partners from 8…

Water resource management and remote sensing

FutureWater has started a project to assess requirements for ESA satellite missions for water resource management. The project aims at integrating several remote sensing products (GRACE, SEBAL, TRMM) with a hydrological simulation model in a pilot basin in Spain. More details can be found here.