Addis Ababa's water supply is under threat caused by the complex interaction of rapid population growth, increased water demand, intensive groundwater development, natural resource degradation, and climate change. A comprehensive Watershed Investment Program should return this situation and secure water supply for the future. An in-depth study is performed to build the case for this program, based on scientific modeling and stakeholder analysis and consultations.

The aim is to develop a business case for a Watershed Investment Program for Addis Ababa. It includes stakeholder and governance analysis, scientific modeling, return on investment (ROI) analysis, and an implementation plan. Hydrological models are employed to assess the potential of Nature-based Solutions to mitigate the negative trends in the watershed, and improve water supply reliability, water quality, sedimentation and agricultural productivity. The study should raise awareness for all key stakeholders and potential investors. The study is performed under the Nature for Water Facility launched by The Nature Conservancy.