News in 2007

NWO-Casimir grant for Monsoon research

Dr. Walter Immerzeel of FutureWater has been awarded a CASIMIR grant by the Dutch science foundation. In close collaboration with Utrecht University he will investigate the monsoon dynamics in the Himalayas and develop a flood forecasting system.

Using rain radar for water management

FutureWater has evaluated the usability of rainradar for waterboard Rivierenland More details can be found here.(in dutch)

FutureWater maps water excess problems related to climate change

FutureWater supports the VU university and Delft Hydraulics in mapping problems related to water excess and climate change for the entire Netherlands using an innovative methodology. More details can be found here (in dutch).

Further extension China activities

FutureWater has acquired a new project focusing on the development of a groundwater management package in China. More details can be found at the GMEP website.

FutureWater inventories knowledge projects on adaptation and climate change

FutureWater has made an inventory of all knowledge project in the Netherlands dealing with adaptation to climate chnage and spatiall planning. The results of this inventory can be found at the website

Climate change in the Himalayas

FutureWater has recently finalized a study on the effect of climate change in the Brahmaputra basin in the Himalayas. The results are summarized in a recent edition of the mountain forum bulletin.

Margje Soet joins FutureWater to support China activities

Since April 1 Margje Soet has joined FutureWater. She is based in Beijing and will support all FutureWater activities in China.

FutureWater introduces innovative model calibration

During 2006 and part of 2007 FutureWater has worked together with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)on a joint project in India. The project was financially supported by the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes (NIVR) in the framework of their User Support programme. The project introduced an innovative methodology of integrating remotely sensed evapotranspiration data…