FutureWater launched a web application that combines time-dependent output of water simulation models with the functionality of Google Maps. The interface has been developed to give anyone with access to internet the possibility to explore water-related model results on the web. WaterMaps is an undemanding visualization tool that makes it possible to set up with small effort a project-dedicated page of spatial and time variable results from hydrological models.

The development of WaterMaps was originally initiated to transfer spatial results of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to a web-environment, using the strengths and flexibility of the Google Maps API and the Keyhole Markup Language (KML). However, the tool is also useful for outcomes from other simulation models. A number of project-dedicated pages have been set up untill now, with preliminary results of currently active FutureWater projects.

FutureWater aims at further developing the tool in the close future, enhancing it with new features that are specifically useful for the exploration of spatial information on water, climate and food. A key focus will be to keep the tool as light and straightforward as possible, to ensure that the tool can be accessed without specific technical skills and few internet and computer resources. Please feel free to contact the Project Leader for more information on WaterMaps.