FutureWater is supporting the Asian Development Bank in developing the methodology for a new state-of-art Climate and Disaster Risk screening tool.

The methodology behind the tool and the reports to be produced by the tool are currently undergoing an internal multi-sectoral consultation process. The goal is that the targeted users of the tool provide feedback on how the ideas and mockups of the tool meet their expectations. This will allow finetuning the tool before it will be actually fully developed and implemented in the project management system of the Bank. Consultations are taking place with departments from all sectoral departments, like Energy, Water, Health, and Agriculture.

FutureWater continues supporting with the development of specific elements of the tool, like for example the module which will allow for a semi-automated Climate Risk and Adaptation (CRA) assessment. This module can help project officers in more efficient processing of projects that do not require detailed risk assessment but need integration of climate adaptation measures, including no-regret options.

Climate Risk and Adaptation (CRA) assessment example