Last week FutureWater and HiView collaborated to provide a valuable training session focused on Remote Sensing and Climate Smart Agriculture. This event took place at the FutureWater office and was an integral part of the Shiraka Training Programme (STP) coordinated by The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

Participants from the MENA region gained practical insights into the potential applications of drones and satellite data in agriculture. The session aimed to highlight how these technologies can contribute to precision farming, crop health monitoring, and addressing climate change impacts in agriculture.

A notable aspect of the training was a drone demonstration in the scenic floodplains of Wageningen, illustrating the tangible uses of remote sensing technologies in agriculture. This demonstration emphasized the role of technology in enhancing agricultural efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

The event encouraged discussions among participants about the feasibility of implementing similar technologies in the MENA region to address agricultural challenges. FutureWater’s emphasis on practical insights demonstrated its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture in the region.

FutureWater and HiView’s collaboration in this training program represents a significant step toward a more informed and adaptive agricultural sector in the MENA region. Their efforts contribute to the ongoing development of sustainable practices in agriculture.

Drone demonstration in Wageningen
Theoretical session at FutureWater office in Wageningen
HiView equipment