Evelyn Aparicio Medrano is a Civil Engineer with a MSc in Water Resources Management (TU Delft) and a PhD in Applied Physics (TU Eindhoven). She is a Senior Consultant & Researcher with extensive international experience in the application of remote sensing technology and innovative applications for environmental monitoring, water resources management, agricultural sector and sustainable development.

She focuses on designing and developing long-term projects centered in earth observation and different environmental modelling techniques for effective planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of multiple sustainable activities in urban and rural areas worldwide. Central to her work is the cooperation between several parties such as businesses, knowledge institutions and governmental instances.

Evelyn has several years of experience abroad in countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Ethiopia, Morocco, Burkina Faso and in The Netherlands.

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  • 2023 - Technical reportVerschuren, L., A. Fernández, M. de Klerk, S. Contreras, E. Aparicio Medrano. 2023. MAGDA: Water Balance Simulations. Deliverable 6.1. Technical report Meteorological Assimilation from Galileo and drones for agriculture (MAGDA) project.X

    MAGDA: Water Balance Simulations

    Verschuren, L., A. Fernández, M. de Klerk, S. Contreras, E. Aparicio Medrano