River Basin Management

River basins are the natural area in which to develop sustainable water management. However, water management on the river basin scale is extremely complex and many factors need to be taken into account.

The challenge

Many water related problems can only be solved in a sustainable manner if the river basin is taken as the main unit of analysis. Within the river basin water has to be allocated between different sectors such as domestic, industrial, agricultural and natural. The basis of sustainable water management on the river basin scale is to allocate the correct amount of water of the right quality to the correct location at the right time.

The approach

FutureWater is experienced in providing research and advisory projects on a river basin scale where integrated solutions for sustainable water management are required. Our projects are managed through cooperation and participation with stakeholders such as governments, water managers and farmers to ensure that local knowledge is incorporated in our research methodologies.

Depending on the type of problem and research FutureWater has a variety of methodologies and models at its disposal.

Example projects: